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In 20 free video episodes available on The Israel Story app, you will learn about the central role that Israel and the Jewish people play in the story that God is telling.  This interactive manual, including beautiful photographs from Israel, accompanies The Israel Story videos to enhance and deepen your learning experience. The Kindle edition is available now. The iBook edition through Apple Books and the hard copy edition through Amazon will be available very soon

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God is a communicator, and the Israel story is the story that He is telling. Many people throughout history, who were able to experience and hear God’s story, told it and wrote it down. Others guarded over it, literally letter by letter, so that it could be preserved for generations to come, for you and me. This story is found in the Bible. Central characters in the Bible story are the nation of Israel and the Jewish people, not just in the Old Testament, but in the New Testament too, not just in the past, but in the present and the future, as well. In order to understand The Story — God’s story as well as our story — it is essential that we understand the Israel story. That’s the objective. That’s what this study, our journey together, is all about.

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