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Catch The Israel Fire

God is doing something amazing in our day.  It is exciting to just see and understand it, and even more exciting to be a part of it. First comes understanding and then the opportunity to engage.  From Genesis to Modern Day, what is the proper way to think about Israel, and by that we mean, what is the way God wants us to think about it? We invite you to take part in learning and understanding the Israel Story and catching the fire of what God is doing in Israel, in the Jewish people, and the part you can play in this unfolding story.

Learn About God's Plan For Mankind

There are many voices that touch on the topic of Israel.  Some take people deep into Hebraic understanding and observance; some go deeply into the politics of the story; others won’t even touch it because of its potential to be divisive and polarizing.  We have taken great pains to keep the story simple and inclusive without compromising truth. Our heart is simply to be a bridge between the Church and the Jewish people, and to tell His story to all.  In this 24-video course broken up into 15-25 minute segments, we invite you to journey through this amazing story that continues to unfold before our eyes with even greater things to come.

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The Israel Story Chapter Content

  • The Call
  • The Covenant
  • Commitment & Identification
  • Significance
  • What Israel Had
  • What Israel Lost
  • The Face of God
  • What Israel Got Back
  • Salvation
  • Two Blindnesses, A Warning, and Two Trees
  • Root
  • Welcome, Ignorance and Pride
  • Mercy
  • History, Joshua to 1967
  • 1967 to Present
  • Double Standard
  • Modern Miracles & Current Day
  • Voices
  • Understanding and not Understanding Times
  • The Kingdom On Earth and The King Shows Up

How can we truly understand the Bible if we don’t understand The Israel Story?

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About The Teacher


John Myers
Founder & Teacher

John Myers was born and raised in a Reform Jewish family in Williamsport, PA.  He was part of the counterculture of the 1960’s, dropping out of numerous universities and colleges, wandering through the Balearic Islands south of Spain, the North Shore of Oahu, and Berkeley, CA, living a life of substance abuse and immorality.  In 1972, he became a follower of Yeshua (Jesus). Over the next 20 years, Yeshua led him on a journey from hippy to bank president, from broken, ungodly relationships to the care of a wife and six children. In 1992, John, his wife Dariel, and five of their six children immigrated to Israel and settled in Jerusalem, where John founded and led a congregation of believers in Yeshua.  In 2010, John and Dariel returned to the United States to journey through various iterations of what has become The Israel Story. In John’s words, the Israel Story is a distillation of life lessons lessons learned walking with Yeshua, frequently falling on his face and being picked up by his loving, faithful Messiah, and the message God has given him to communicate about His plan, purpose, and love for Israel and the Jewish people, and for all of mankind.

What People Are Saying About The Course

“I grew up Jewish and married a catholic. I eventually became a believer in Jesus and this made me believe I was abandoning my Jewish heritage. The Israel story changed my life with giving me understanding in what it means to be a Jewish believer and how I fit into Gods story.”

Bob Schwartz
Messianic Jew

“The Israel Story has had a profound impact on how I view my role as a gentile Christian and the bible.   This message is so timely for the church in the days we are in.  It’s also exciting to know that we have a role to play in the spiritual restoration of the Jewish people and Israel.”

Asher Craft

“When I heard The Israel Story it connected me closer to God in a profound way.  For the first time I understood God’s plan and the Jewish people in a completely different way.  I saw God’s plan for both my people and the Jewish people in a way that brought me closer to Jesus.”

Jonathan Seeds
Palestinian Believer

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